Thursday, February 4, 2010

The road to a presentation starts with a single step...

I have an opportunity to give a talk at another company soon. I've got a (very rough) idea of what the talk needs to contain, so I'll be coming back to it soon. But first, I need a bio and a talk 'blurb'. I'd love constructive feedback on this first draft. In particular, there has got to be *something* better than "hot new development platform"!

Touch devices are the hot new development platform. As testers, we need to borrow strategies from testing both desktop software and pre-touch phones. However, we must also go beyond these perspectives, and develop new heuristics specific to touch devices. Liz will share some of the lessons she's learned in iPhone testing and why it's essential to literally get your hands on touch devices while testing touch-based software.

Liz Marley tests the Omni Group's Mac and iPhone productivity software. She's also very eager to begin testing iPad apps as soon as possible! Liz has 6 years of professional testing experience, and 4 years of debugging homework assignments while earning a computer science degree from Harvey Mudd College.

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Ben said...

Touch devices are rapidly gaining popularity among users and developers?