Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Inspired by C4

I went to C4[2]*† this weekend. I've been interacting with Mac developers all wrong. I should not be apologizing for being a tester, and participating in spite of my profession. It is because of my talents and experience that I can and should attend these events and discuss software, and everything related to it, with Mac developers. 

Several people at C4 suggested there should be a talk on testing next year. But as @arclite tweeted, C4 is a state of mind. So I'm not going to wait until next year. I'm not going to make you wait until next year. You, Indie Developer, need some advice on testing your Mac apps now. As I develop my talk for next year (which may or may not actually occur), I'll post the content here. Expect the first installment within a week. 

*Is there a better link for people wondering what C4 is?
†Some people have trains of thoughts. Mine seem to be closer to trees. Footnotes seem less distracting than parenthetical commentary.