Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Links for today's talk

I'm speaking about testing software on mobile touch devices this afternoon. I'll post my slides or a video or something later.

But here's some links to people doing similar stuff that I want to refer people to if they're interested: -- where our designers and engineers talk about their perspectives on the iPad and many other things -- the talk that first got me started thinking about how differently we need to design, develop, and test for the iPhone, by an iPhone developer -- I want to point people both to this speaker (and his blog) and this whole series of lectures about ergonomics and design.

OK, catch you on the flip side!


Lizard said...

One automation strategy I forgot to mention as a possibility: Instruments. You should be using this Apple-provided application anyways to monitor memory usage and such. It also has some record/playback capabilities, which might let you do some automation that way.

Lizard said...

Oh, and here's the record/playback-type tool I mentioned during my talk: