Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Why Blog?

Gus Mueller led me to Dan Wood's article on blogging the other day. I didn't quite get around to reading it until just now, but in the meantime, I semi-subconsciously thought about why I think that blogging is a good thing to do. Dan's reasons, although very good reasons, are not my reasons.

  1. Blogging pushes me to develop my thoughts from un-examined opinions to defensible theses.
  2. Dan hopes future customers will read his blog. I hope other future people find my blog: mentors, co-authors of papers, peers, critics, skeptics, co-workers, people I can mentor?
  3. Blogging exercises my communication skills. A big part of testing is detective work. But another big part is story-telling. I want to get better at telling clear, convincing, entertaining stories.

1 comment:

Dan Wood said...

Very good reasons! I agree with you on all those points, actually. There are, I"m sure, dozens more good reasons to be blogging (and not just tweeting) :-) -- I guess my list was really geared toward marketing reasons why it's a good thing to be blogging.

- Dan